Need a zoning permit?

Sawmills contracts with the Western Piedmont Council of Government (WPCOG) for planning services.

The Planner is available by appointment.

If you call or email anytime, the Planner might be able to write a permit and leave it waiting for you to pick up if it is a simple project. Some residential projects should be discussed in person; commercial projects most of the time require site plans that take more than a day to review.

Need a building or septic permit?

Directions to Caldwell County Building Inspections and Health Department

  1. From Sawmills Town Hall, take Hwy 321A north.
  2. After 4 miles turn left on Southwest Blvd.
  3. After another 4 miles, at the major intersection with Hwy 64, turn left onto Hwy 64/Morganton Blvd.
  4. Within a half-mile, turn left into the Caldwell County government center.

Directions on Google Maps

Caldwell County Building Inspections and Caldwell County Health Department

Need a rezoning?

Sawmills Planning Board and Town Council meet regularly to review rezonings and other matters. Contact Town Hall at (828) 396-7903 for an initial consult. Most rezoning cases take 4 months to process and cost $200 in application fees.

Need more information?

What is storm water and what am I required to do?
Storm Water Information 

What age mobile homes can be moved to Sawmills?
1994 – with a few exceptions and other conditions 

What can I do with my land?
Table of Permitted Uses

What are my setbacks?
Dimensional Table

Sawmills CHAPTER 153_Zoning

Comprehensive Plan and Maps

Demolition Contractor Request for Proposal


Online Zoning Map
Provided by Caldwell County GIS

Zoning Map