Online Bill Pay

Instructions for Online Utility Bill Payments

Getting Started:

  • Click the “View/Pay eBills” button.

  • Select “Register” to create a user ID and password. Complete each step and select “Continue”. Upon completion, an automatic notification will be sent to the e mail address provided confirming the user id, password and verification code. Please go to the address at the end of the message to log in and verify your account. After clicking on the link, enter the information on the verification e mail. Upon completion, customers will be taken to their main account page.

  • Select “View & Pay Utility Bills”

  • “Add an Account”

  • Select “Utility Bill”, enter your “Account” # (a 4 digit number on printed bill) and “PIN #” (a 5 digit number in the top center of the printed bill). Both numbers are required.

  • After agreeing to the terms, customers will be returned to their profile page with a message indicating they will receive an e mail once their registration has been processed.

IMPORTANT: When registering, the address and zip code must be the same as what is printed on the credit card. You will need to include the security code (3 digit # on the back of the card).


  • Customers can pay their Utility Bill Online by means of either a credit or debit card with a VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.

    *** Credit card payments are only accepted online, not accepted at Town Hall! ***

  • There will be a .35 transaction fee and a 3% credit/debit card fee for each transaction. The fees are paid directly to the Merchant Provider and not the Town of Sawmills.

  • If the bill has not been paid in full by the 15th of each month, late fees will be applied to the customer’s account. These fees can be paid on line.

  • Please note that if partial payments are made, the fees will be charged to your card each time a payment is made to your account.

  • If the bill has not been paid by the 25th of each month, service will be discontinued to the customer. The bill total and late fees can be paid on line, but the customer will have to pay the re-connect fee at the Town Hall office.

Please allow 1-2 business days for your bank to process your payment and send the money to the Town. Accounts where the Town has not recieved payment may be subject to cut off even if the electronic payment began before the deadline.